End of Life Care Offers:

As human being, we don't know when and how we will die. We are suddenly forced to be with aging, illness, dying or death in many ways. We understand intellectually that we will go through this process sooner or later. Yet, it is one of the most challenging experiences of our lives. You may be going through this now, or you may know someone who is in the middle of being with terminal illness or who is dealing with existential crisis or terminal agitation. You want to support them, but don't know what you can do. I offer guidance and support for these challenges in the following ways:

Stillness Touch / Biodynamic Cranial touch:

A gentle touch modality to ease existential crisis and terminal agitation. I have supported the vigil process providing stillness touch. It will ease the pain and soften the fear of the dying process. This could be done at a home visit or facility visit setting as per request. Home visits will be charged an additional $20 for travel. More about Stillness touch, please click here.

Mindful Living Guidance:

I am trained as a Buddhist Chaplain through Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Buddhist Chaplaincy training as well as a spiritual teacher at the Center for Sacred Sciences in Eugene, Oregon

  • Guide you to stabilize your mind by establishing a consistent meditation practice.

  • Find specific practices to make friends with your suffering.

  • Explore ways to open your mind fully to your life.

  • Assist you to fearlessly open your heart to what is happening in front you.

  • Help you to practice the Three Tenets* of accepting unknown, bearing witness, and loving action.

  • Aid you to meet everything with a sense of openness grounded in compassion.

*Three Tenets were first elucidated by Roshi Bernie Glassman of Zen Peace Maker Orders. I learn to practice them through my Zen teacher Roshi Joan Halifax.