If you are looking for meaning in your life, connection with others and yourself, exploring curiosity about your hurt, feeling uncertain how to change, I am here for you. Here is a video of me singing a welcome song for you. I am just beginning my journey as a songwriter and a ukulele player. I feel vulnerable putting my music on my website, since this is such a new thing for me. However, I hope this song will inspire you to try something new with a sense of curiosity and joy rather than judgment. Life offers so much more when we let go of judgment.

If you are feeling stuck, looking for some change, curious about mindfulness practice, I can help you.

I will be your guide/trainer/coach to support in the process of transformation to be who you really are by offering mindful living guidance. You can go to the mindful living guidance page to learn more about what I offer in detail.

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. -GOLDA MEIR