What is Mindful Living Guidance?

 Mindful living guidance is what I offer to you and your organization.

What is mindful living guidance?

 Meditation practice/mind training

  • Neuroscience-based self-regulation skills

  • Gain basic understanding on trauma influence in our lives

  • Assist with discovering creativity

  • Practice of being vulnerable, and let your self be seen

  • Recognition of your hurt from the past and how to move beyond

  • How to's of showing up for your own life

  • Fine tune realistic self-care skills

  • Incorporate Non-Violent Communication

  • Council Circle practice ( drawn from way of council)

  • Bringing the sacred to your life, recognizing you are sacred

 How is this different from a therapy session?

Emphasis on capacity building

  • No need to talk about detail of trauma, rather how that trauma impacts your current behavior

  • Focus on what you can do now

  • Use of contemporary practice such as meditation, prayer, or other practice to establish your mind

  • Connect the dots of your life

  • Explore realistic self-care skills

  • Recognition of your own resilience and how to apply that to your life

 Capacity building to me is that practice to gain capacity for challenge. By practicing skills to manage your stress, you will start to take difficulties as a challenge rather than a threat. These skills include enough regular contemplative practice such as meditation, self-regulation skills, and realistic self-care.

 Connect the dots means figuring meaning from different experiences. For example, what did you love to do as a little child? Drawing? Maybe you want to pick up pencil and paper and see what comes up. You’ve been thinking about what you said to your friend. Contact that friend and talk about what you felt and tell your friend why this matters to you. Whatever dot you have not connected, you can always speak from a space of vulnerability.

 Self Care is a life habit of balanced sleep schedule, healthy diet, contemplative practice, exercise, caring relationship. Also practice of respect, commitment, discipline, creativity, recognition of your own limits with compassion and nourishment in all areas of your life. (I adapted part of this description of self-care from my teacher, Roshi Joan Halifax.)