Stillness Touch

My teacher Charles Ridley

My teacher Charles Ridley


Follow your bliss

“Follow your bliss.” is what my husband Matthew has been telling me since I met him. This famous Joseph Campbell quote continues to shape my life. Biodynamic Cranial Touch. Receiving Stillness touch sessions from my teacher Charles Ridley and my husband Matthew changed my life forever. In this process I was naturalized and found myself in element. This is what I am meant to do. It was love at first site. Since then I am in love with this work.

What is Stillness Touch / Biodynamic Cranial Touch (BCT)?

This work was founded by Charles Ridley who studied and practice cranial work for many decades. This experiences led him to respond to the call of times that “we awake to the Love and let it in so our bodies can be restored as Sacred Vessels.”

  • Stillness touch is the embodiment of stillness as the words describes. This non medical model is practiced through inner sensing presence and non-doing Stillness touch.

  • Stillness touch is an approach that uses hands on contact to let your wisdom of your body restore and return to wholeness. It recognizes the body as a sacred vessel of love. It is a gentle modality that promote dynamic shift in our well-being.

  • Stillness touch is a branch off from Osteopathy in Cranial field founded by Dr. William Garner Sutherland. This modality is non medical approach. It is evolutionary model that will not treat or fix what is not working in your body. We as a practitioner is simply holding a space and rest inwardly in ourselves and letting quality moves us instinctively. I as practitioner and a client both rest in unknown and let mystery reveal. Then sessions have so much potential for us to awaken to love.

Is Stillness touch for me?

  • Whether you are working with trauma release to hoping integration of higher potential as human being, you will receive benefit of this work. Stillness touch allows gentle way of being with stored trauma in your body. As you learn to be with this intense energy which supported by touch work, you gain more capacity to meet the challenge and release it. Without speaking like typical psychological counseling, you will be with stored energy and let it discharge. Therefore it provide release of not only thoughts but also bodily sensations as well. When this take place, one feel more integrated way of being. Your response to this particular trauma will shift.

  • Stillness touch is also great for anyone who would like to experience deep meditation state. As we allow ourselves for mystery, you might experience dream like state while you are awake on the table. You might see deities you worship while you are in Stillness touch session. This actually happened to me. While I was receiving a session from my teacher Charles Ridley, I experienced being Buddha. Then soon after, I was being Ramana Maharshi. One client told me that he became city of Eugene.

What is a typical session looks like?

  • Each session last about 30 to 50 minutes. You wear relaxing street clothing. You are invited to lay on your back. Unless you have physically needs to be on different posture, you will be on your back for the whole session. I will place my hands on where your body invites me to go. This could be sole of your foot, ankle, calves, knees, hip, sacrum, coccyx, hips, abdomen, chest, heart, shoulder, neck, head, and jaws. I might only touch few spots, it all depends on your body for that day. You are always invited to inform me if it is uncomfortable. When you are not quite ready to be with intensity, I can stop and move on to a different spot.

What do I experience during the session?

  • Your body express what is stored in your cell. This could be old memory, old message, thoughts, trauma experience, smell, sensations will express in your body. In ordered to return to wholeness, your body needs to release what has been stored in your body. In the wild, porcupine will encounter a tiger and they will pretend dead. Once danger is over, they will shake their body and move on. Human body will do similar process.

  • My invitation for you is to be receptive and allow process to happen. Let your body process without any judgment. Let it come, let it be and then you can let go. More you have open awareness to let your body express, your body will restore back to wholeness.

  • Most of experiences take form of Intensity, intimacy and paradox. Just be willing to allow everything to arise through you. Sometimes what you experience could help you to feel deep sense of gratitude about life, yourself, and everything. You might get some interesting spiritual insight. Each session is different. Gradually you lean to be with intensity, intimacy and paradox. You recognize your maturing capacity to be present for your own life in more joyous way.

  • You might feel “spacey”, “out of it” and find difficult to return to this reality. This is totally normal. I recommend not to go to busy places, music concert anywhere too much stimulation after the session. It would be best if you could just ease back into your routine as much as you can manage. I heard my clients telling me that they had a hard time ordering food at the restaurant, going to grocery store, or dealing with traffic.

  • Your body will continue to process the session after you leave my office. Some people have vivid dreams, your body will release energy, toxins for whatever that was inside. What you stored in the body will start to release as you allow to process without judgment. It is amazing how wisdom of our body will take care of what needs to happen.

  • You do not need to tell me what is going on ahead of time. In fact you don't need to tell me anything after the session either. What you experience during the session is for you.

Why do I practice Stillness touch session?

  • Because I really sense Love in this work. Originally I went to Mexico with my husband Matthew Sieradski as tug along when he went to study with Charles Ridley. Charles invited me to sit in if I feel like it. I figure I could wait to go the beach and sat it. Everything started with Charles' kindness of invitation. In the end, I was not going to receive the Stillness touch session from Charles so Matt will have more time with him. Yet after Charles received a session from Matt, he told me that he received a message to give me a session. He followed his heart and gave me a session. In this session, I felt Buddha as well as Ramana Maharshi. Then I got up and blurred out “Will you teach me this work?” It was spontaneous manifestation.

  • Everything came from love. I let Love guide me in this work. I cannot emphasize how much I love this work and how much love I feel with each person who lays on my table. Sense of sacred I feel toward each person is something I have never felt in any other things I have done. I finally do understand why in some culture they will kiss their Guru's feet. I feel that way about this work. It make sense why I had to wait this long to find what I love doing. My life has started to blossom and nourished by Stillness touch. I am better being because of this work and every time I give a session, I feel humbled by and feel joy of divine manifestation. I finally found my calling. I embody being the LOVE.